Accompanying Seminar Class at
the Manhattan School of Music
Summer Course at Burg Feistritz, Austria
Accompanying seminar at the
Manhattan School of Music
Heasook Rhee with former student
George Francois
Heasook Rhee with former student
Christopher Cooley
An End of Semester Party
Student Accomplishments
Heekyung Michelle Lee won the 2014 Artur Balsam Duo Competition 1st Prize
Minyoung Kang won the 2nd prize.

Kyoung Im Kim has been a staff pianist for the Aaron Rosand Program at the Summit Music Festival since 2013.

Surry Lee became a faculty member at the Yonsei University in Seoul

Jeeyoung Hong became a faculty member at Joongang University in Seoul

Kyung-A Yoo DMA graduate from MSM.
Faculty member at Rice University, Houston Texas, and Former faculty at Oberlin College, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Wei-Cong Zhang, DMA graduate from MSM. Professor of Chamber Music at the Shanghai Conservatory, China and
professionally concertizing artist: Third prize winner: 2006 Artur Balsam Duo Competition at MSM with violinist Amaury
Coeytaux. Winner, Cello & Piano Duo (cellist Sumin Yong), 2003 East West Artist, Outstanding Achievement in Chamber
Music, 2003 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, Jupiter Piano Trio, Indiana Finalist (cellist Pittnary Shin), 2000
Premio Vittorio Gui International Chamber Music Competition, Florence, Italy. Staff Accompanist at the 1997, 1999, 2001
Piatigorsky Seminar at USC,Los Angeles. The first prize winner, 1997 Syd Wright Accompanying Competition, Austin,TX.

Soyeon Kim, DMA graduate at MSM. Faculty at Montclaire State University, NJ The first prize and the Best Liszt
Interpretation Award at the 2006 William Garrison Piano Competition for The Collaborative Pianist (Piano & Voice) in
Baltimore. The second prize winner at the 2006 Artur Balsam Duo Competition with clarinetist Pascal Archer Concert tour
including Gasteig, Munich; Konzerthaus, Berlin; Zagreb.

Young Kyung Hyun, MM student at MSM. Faculty at Sungshin University, Seoul, Korea. The first prize winner at the 2006
Artur Balsam Duo Competition with violinist Emily Popham.

Christopher Cooley, DMA graduate from MSM: Professionally concertizing; Accompanist Award, The tenth annual Ibla
Grand Prize Competition, Italy First prize winner, 1996 Syd Wright Accompanying Competition Accompanying Competition,
Austin, TX; Staff Accompanist at the 2003, 2005 Piatigorsky Seminar at USC, Los Angeles.

The New China Trio, former chamber music students at UT : The First Prize at the 1996 Yellow Spring Chamber Music
Competition (OH); The Schaad Award at the 1996 Carmel Chamber Music Competition (CA); 1996-1998 Piano Trio in
Residence at the San Francisco Conservatory.

Jiayi Shi, former DMA student at MSM: Accompanist for Midori' studio at USC.

George Francois, former student at UT. Concert pianist and faculty at Concordia College,NY. The first prize Winner, 1995
Syd Wrigiht Accompanying Competition, Austin, TX.Edna Ocker Accompaniment prize at the 1995 Corpus Christi
International Competition.
Prizer Winners 2015

The Lee-Tong Duo: cellist Christine Jeong Hyoun Lee & pianist Tong Tong won the First Prize of the 2015 Plovdiv
International Chamber Music Competition,
The First Prize Winner of 2015-2016 VIVO International Music Competition,  
The First Prize winner of Collaborative Artist 2015 Liszt-Garrison International Piano Competition and
The Best Interpretation of American Composer and Liszt Award.

2015 J.C. Arriaga Chamber Music Competition
Joint 2nd Prize Winners:
Light Duo (Ziqing Guo, violin; Chonghang Li, piano)
Duo Adamo (Eunji Oh, flute; Minyoung Kang, piano)
Heasook Rhee, Tong Tong and Christine Jeong Hyoun
Chonghang Li and Ziqing Guo
Minyoung Kang, piano and Eunji Oh, flute
Tong Tong piano,  and Christine Jeong Hyoun, cello