Heasook Rhee with Charles Neidich and William Purvis
at the Merkin Concert Hall, New York
Heasook Rhee with cellist Tilmann Wick,
at the former Schauspielhaus, Berlin
Heasook Rhee with cellist Charles Curtis
Laurence Lesser Master-class at the Cello Congress
Anner Bylsma Master-class at the Cello Congress
Throughout the recital, Ms. Rhee showed herself to be a sensitive accompanist. There were never any balance problems,
changes of tempo were performed as one, and her piano interludes and more active accompaniments were a pleasure to
listen to. …………
…..the high point of the concert was the third encore, Schubert’s Erlkönig. Ms. Rhee was, as before, an equally able partner.
She set a perfect tempo (not the breakneck speed which has become so popular these days), and handled Schubert’s
fiendishly difficult octave triplets with aplomb.  
Harry Saltzman, New York Concert Review, 2004/IV

Highly Romantic and Brilliant
Süddeutscher Zeitung (Munich), May 11, 1999

A multitude of admirable soloistic virtues were exhibited: the superior technical confidence and delicate touch was shown by
the pianist. With her cultivated as well as expressively singing and exquisite pearl-like sparkling touch, tolerating no form of
inaccuracy, she conveyed the proper intensity on each tone and every phrase....
Die Rheinfalz, June 16, 1992

Powerfully capturing, colorful and graceful... The duo impresses with their sensitive musical congeniality and technical
CD review from Stereo, June 1992

Ms. Rhee's accomplished and sensitive accompaniment complemented and enhanced Wang's playing.
Omaha World-Herald, April 11, 1991

Heasook Rhee, the extraordinary pianist....as a sensitive and intelligent co-creator, captured the very essence of the work.
Nord-West Zeitung (Bremen), March 19, 1991

Elegant piano playing.....
The New York Times, February 2, 1991

She had a complete command over the piano, with the powerful sound as well as the whispering pianissimo which was so
often missed by other pianists. The result was rare concert experience which people will remember with joy and enthusiasm.
Zürichsee Zeitung, March 13, 1990

Duo in complete harmony of sound and style... it was fascinating to witness how fire and water were united to compatibility in
this interpretation.
Münchener Merkur (Munich), January 23, 1989

Rhee, a responsive and careful listener, brought partnership, not just accompaniment, to the performance. Her participation
was such that at times she seemed to be playing the cello part as well as her own.
Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA), December 1984